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Overview of Programs, Purpose, Rules and Equipment

The Lakeville Football Association provides boys and girls the opportunity to participate in four types of football programs, these are:

  1. A Spring Passing League for 4th through 7th Grade Players
  2. A FLAG Football League for 1st & 2nd Grade Players
  3. A Tackle Football Leagues for 3rd - 6th Grade Players (each grade is a league)
  4. and New in 2011, a Tackle Football Leagues for 7th & 8th Grade Players

The purpose is to create a fun, positive experience where children learn the fundamental skills, the concepts of the game, and the requirements of teamwork while developing sportsmanship, self-confidence, and respect for others. League rules and coaching philosophy puts the safety of the players first and foremost.  All coaching positions 6th  Grade and below are unpaid volunteer positions including LFA's board members.

Play is governed by LFA rules with LFA officials at each game  If a team is unable to field eleven players, the other team will match the number of players but no less than nine.

Players are required to wear full equipment – Helmet with chin strap, shoulder pads, pants with pads and mouthguards. Rubber cleated shoes are recommended but not required. Additional protection such as arm guards, neck guards, gloves are allowed.

Shoulder pads are available for use from LFA. Mouthguards will be provided free by LFA. Helmets with chin straps and football pants with pads must be purchased by the parent/guardian.    

LFA in the Community

In addition to administering the largest youth football association in the State of Minnesota, LFA is involved in many activities within the Lakeville community.

  • LFA annually sponsors the "Coach T" football fun camp each summer. This camp is conducted for our Kindergarten thru 2nd grade community members and has been proven to be a big hit with the younger members of our community and also serves to distribute much needed funds to the City of Lakeville.
  • LFA sponsors an annual scholarship for a senior at Lakeville North and a senior at Lakeville South each year. The scholarship is a memorial scholarship in honor of Bob Kuhr, a former LFA member and volunteer who left us in 2006.
  • LFA has donated countless hours and funds to assist the ISD 194 Middle School football program in our community. In addition to donating much of the uniforms and equipment that our middle school programs utilize, many LFA members dedicate a great deal of time to help promote this program for the youth in our community.
  • LFA donates time and dollars each year to both the Lakeville North and Lakeville South Football Booster clubs. Items such as speakers at the stadium, flags at the stadium, field covers and other needed items have all been donated by LFA for the benefit of the high school programs in our community.
  • LFA has partnered with ISD 194 and the City of Lakeville to improve the fields in our community for many years, including items such as winter field covers for all of the middle school fields and a sizable donation in 2009  and 2010 to the City of Lakeville to help improve and maintain the fields in our community.
  • In 2010, LFA, along with other youth sports organizations, was asked to make a donation to the school district for the specific purpose of saving 9B sports in our community. LFA not only helped to sponsor a community event for this purpose, we also made a sizable financial donation.
  • For many years, LFA has worked with the high school program head coaches to develop opportunities for our high school football players to referee our 3rd-6th grade football games. In addition to this being a valuable learning experience for our high school students, it is a much needed opportunity for them to earn money.
  • In 2010, LFA has partnered with the Institute for Athletic Medicine to offer Impact Concussion testing to all of the high school age football players in our community on behalf of our high school football programs. The Impact test is designed to diagnose proper recovery times for athletes with an emphasis on safety.