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6th-8th Grade Traveling Tackle

Jamboree/Scrimmage: Mid-Augst

Game 1 - Late August


6th Grade - Thane Hathaway - thathaway@me.com 

7th Grade - Jerod Strand - flyby4u@hotmail.com 

8th Grade/ SSYFL Delegate - Mike Larson - mlarson228@charter.net 


This is the Middle School football program for the kids entering into 6th, 7th or 8th grade for the 2019/20 school year.



Registration Starts Open Now
Equipment Pickup Mid July
South High School Football Camps July 22-25
Traveling Football Practice Starts Early August
Season Ends  Mid-October


Field Locations

The SSYFL league (www.ssyfl.net) offers the player/teams a very competitive football league.  The teams will compete against teams that they will face in High School.  We also highly recommend the traveling football players sign up for their respective high school football camp.  During this full pads football camp the players start the player evaluation process.  While this camp is not mandatory it does give the coaches an extra week to evaluate the kids to better understand their skill sets.

 Click here to get standings and schedule